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  • | Glove & Glove Pure

    Functionally technological Glove The continuously adjustable armrests perfectly match the sleek design of the Glove. They turn a modern two seater of 1m65 into a bed for taller people. When…
  • | Dublin

    Decorative curved lines combined with excellent comfort make the Dublin timeless. It comes as standard with a low back. A high back, made of double cushions, is available as an…
  • | Prime time

    [video width="1076" height="606" mp4=""][/video] Classic comfort created effortlessly. Both lightweight and opulent to look at, spacious upholstery seems as if it is floating. The slimline armrest and backrest behind the…
  • | Indy

    Adapted to suit your personal needs The adjustable backrest, swiftly adapted to suit your personal needs and desires, will take you on a voyage, far away from day-to-day trials and…
  • | Living landscape

      [video width="1076" height="606" mp4=""][/video] “Every sofa opens up a space in front of it. Living Landscape uses the space in all directions.” EOOS Living Landscape is a range of…
  • | Frame

    Thanks to its compact construction and simple design, Frame is a timeless object for any room size. With two depths of seating position, two legs versions, folding armrests, footrest and…

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