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  • | Tigra Divanbase

    Simplicity is a virtue A surprisingly distinct look that appeals to fans of functional, optically low sofa models. The understated style and simplicity guarantees timeless elegance. With its sumptuous seat…
  • | Sova Longchair

    The Chaise Longue is our third member of our SOVA collection and closes the gap between SOVA armchair and SOVA bed in the most comfortable way. The typical, organic-curved and…
  • | Lima

    Lima is a compact sofa which, however, has a certain richness in its effect. This is provided by the arm cushions that are positioned loose on the seat cushion but…
  • | Indy

    Adapted to suit your personal needs The adjustable backrest, swiftly adapted to suit your personal needs and desires, will take you on a voyage, far away from day-to-day trials and…
  • | Tigra open base

    Individualized comfort Optimal seating comfort and a large choice of elements ensure an optimal integration in any room. Thanks to the wide range of build on sofas each configuration with…
  • | Classics 650

    Seat height, seat width and long chair create a graceful mix whatever the combination. The cushion elements of armrests, backrests and seat elements coalesce into a harmonious transition. In the…

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